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Christa Mayfield
Director of Prevention Education
Unbound Houston

"I’ve attended several webinars through CharityHowTo over the last five years of working with this organization, and I feel like every time I’ve come across a new challenge or a project that I didn’t feel quite up to, I got a notification about a new webinar. The webinars that I’ve attended have been incredibly helpful, giving me really practical tools to overcome the project or the challenge at hand, and have given me new ways and perspectives of thinking that have allowed me to expand my knowledge, and my skills, and ultimately made me a better employee, and be able to actually do my job with more efficiency and professionalism. I would recommend these trainings and webinars to anybody that is working with a nonprofit. We all come across challenges that we did not expect, and we’re all looking for ways to constantly improve, not just the work that we’re doing, but to also be able to move and grow with our ever-changing environment and climate. So, it’s a really helpful resource and I’ve been really grateful for every opportunity I’ve had to get to learn and grow, and I know you will too!"



Linda Tantawi
The Greater NYC Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure®

Thank you for the great webinar about 'Writing Nonprofit Thank You Letters.' The training was very informative and worth every penny. CharityHowTo webinars are fantastic and I'll recommend CharityHowTo to my nonprofit colleagues."



Karen Evans
Volunteer Coordinator and Instructor
Reading Connections

“I really appreciate the quality of the resources that CharityHowTo has to offer, I find that it stands apart from some of the other webinars I’ve attended because they offer very succinct, useful, practical information. I attend a lot of webinars, I probably attended 70 webinars, and some presenters get so bogged down in the details. But with CharityHowTo I feel like they realize that their audience is smart, that their audience “gets it”. They are guiding us toward certain practical points that we can use and apply in our lives. It has truly helped me as a person. I feel like the more webinars I watch the better employee I become, the better nonprofit professional I become, and I am always learning more. I really appreciate that CharityHowTo’s webinars are such of good quality, that I can use and reuse and share them really quickly with my fellow coworkers.”


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