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Silver Membership

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Add 2 coworkers to your plan for FREE!

Now for a Limited Time Only, Add 2 Coworkers to Your Individual Plan for Free. Share your CharityHowTo account like you share your Netflix account


Add 2 coworkers to your plan for FREE!

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Individual Memberships

Gold Membership

With both Silver and Gold membership levels, you get your own library where all of your webinar recordings, slides, and bonus materials are accessible any time from anywhere.



Instant access to all recorded webinars

What You Get With Your Membership

All associated slides & bonus materials

Unlimited access to all live webinars

You can chat with experts in live webinars

Slides & recordings from your live webinars

Save recorded webinars to your personal library


If I add additional coworkers will be able to continue having the two free coworkers as long as my account is active?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can change your two additional coworkers that are included with your membership at any time. It’s easy! Just log into your account and click on your membership settings. When the administrator removes any coworker(s) the coworker(s) will no longer have access to the membership items but they will retain their individual CharityHowTo account and any individual purchases they have made outside of the membership.

What happens if I cancel my annual membership before it ends?

What is the difference between a Gold Membership and a Silver Membership?

With my membership +2 coworkers free of charge can I change the coworkers any time?

A Silver Membership includes webinar recordings (On Demand). All webinar recordings also include the slides and the bonus materials. A Gold Membership includes BOTH Live and recorded webinars (On Demand). Your Gold Membership also includes the slides and the bonus materials. Additionally, you will receive the webinar recording of the live webinar you registered for.

Absolutely! You will retain the ability to add your coworkers as long as your account is current.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

You will retain access to your membership program until the end of the billing cycle. You will also retain access to your library items through the end of the billing cycle.

You can cancel your membership at any time by logging into your account and clicking on membership settings and canceling. You have access until the end of the billing cycle. You can reactivate your membership at any time.

Membership Features

Our webinar recordings are only made available to members after the presenter has received consistent, high ratings. We have an extensive library covering every aspect of running  a nonprofit organization guaranteed to help you do your job more effectively.

2. Gold Members Have Access to Every Live Webinar

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1. Access to All of Our Top-Rated Webinars

Did you know we conduct an average of 25 unique live webinars each month? With our Live + On Demand membership, you can attend every single one and view the recordings and bonus materials at anytime for one low price, rather than paying the same amount for a single presentation.

If the day comes that you decide your membership is no longer delivering the value you need, simply cancel. You'll have access to our materials until the end of your selected billing term and you won't be billed until you choose to reactivate your membership.

Heather Sherwin, Vice President for Advancement, Central Carolina Community Foundation

"This was the most informative and helpful webinar that I have attended. The speaker was superb and the content was most helpful. I can immediately see things we need to implement to make our Board more effective. I appreciated all the download material. I am so glad I attended."

"Thank you for the great webinar about 'Writing Nonprofit Thank You Letters.' The training was very informative and worth every penny. CharityHowTo webinars are fantastic and I'll recommend CharityHowTo to my nonprofit colleagues."

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Linda Tantawi, CEO, The Greater NYC Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure®

"Both CharityHowTo webinars were among the very best training seminars I have attended in my 20 years of fundraising experience. They offered concrete step-by-step how-to advice with immediately applicable tools. I continue to recommend [CharityHowTo] to my colleagues."

John Graham, CEO, Institute for Spirituality and Health at the Texas Medical Center

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